Emergency Preparedness

An ice-covered Historic Columbia River Hwy at the edge of Troutdale curves to the right

Earthquakes. Floods. Landslides. Wildfires. 

When a major disaster occurs, your community can change in an instant. Natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Emergency response is likely to be delayed so preparation is key. A good start is to sign up to receive emergency alerts via text, email, or voice message at PublicAlerts.org, follow the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for FlashAlerts, build your disaster kit, and bookmark the County’s Office of Emergency Management.

The City recently hosted a disaster planning event led by Emergency Manager Ray Young and Multnomah County Emergency Management Operations Division Chief Alice Busch, EMT, CEM. You can check out the Powerpoint presentation from event meeting anytime. And to learn more about the the state of preparedness in Oregon, watch this OPB production of Unprepared: An Oregon Field Guide Special

Below is a list of other local, state and federal resources:


Winter Storms



Extreme Heat




Active Shooting Event

Disaster Kit Tips:


For questions on Emergency Management and Operations, please contact City Emergency Manager Ray Young at ray.young [at] troutdaleoregon.gov ().