City Manager

The City Manager's Office insures the City runs effectively and efficiently to achieve what Troutdale community members, through the City Council, want to accomplish with the resources available. The City Manager's Office provides leadership, coordination and management for the City organization and support for the City Council. The City Manager's Office also works to provide timely information to our community and encourage connection between community members and the City organization.

The City Manager directs the day to day administration of the City through Department Directors. These Directors are the Public Works Director, Community Development Director, Finance Director and the City Recorder. The City Manager also works with Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and the Gresham Fire Department to make sure those partners provide the best police and fire protection for the City under the contracts we have with them.

The City Manager's Office is also tasked with the development and recommendation of solutions to community problems for Council consideration, the planning and development of programs to meet the needs of the City, preparation of a strategic plan and a biennial budget, community relations, inter-agency coordination and fostering pride in City government through excellent customer service.

Come see us anytime. We can help you with:

-questions about a city service or project that doesn't fit within another department, or has impact citywide;

-questions about the City’s long-term vision or strategy; or general questions about our public process;

-filing or locating a city record;

-information about municipal elections;

-information about public meetings;

-questions about information the City has released or published; and

-resolving a question with a third-party utility provider (power, gas, or garbage, for example).

The City Manager's Office also takes care of:

-managing major projects that span multiple departments;

-publishing official City communications and coordinating community outreach;

-representing the city with our county, regional, state and national partners in government;

-managing contracts with residential utility, telecommunication and solid waste services providers; and

-developing and carrying out citywide sustainability initiatives and resources for the community.

Have questions? With all of the services offered throughout our departments, it can be confusing as to who to contact. If you need more information about anything City-related, drop by or get in touch with us. We’re here to help.