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The City of Troutdale is a proud member of the Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS) which provides citizens and interested parties with easy access to many public records at no cost.  At this time the records that are currently available to access are Ordinances, Resolutions, and City Council Meeting Minutes.  We are actively working to add records to the system and you can expect to find more records available in the future.  In the meantime, if you are not able to find the records that you are looking for, please follow the process to complete a public records request and staff will assist you with your search.

For your convenience, we have provided links to saved searches for frequently requested records:

To perform more complex searches or to help narrow down results, please search using this Webdrawer link.  Below are some instructions to help assist you with performing Webdrawer searches:

Search Type Description                          
Any Word Searches for any word in the Title or Notes field
Date Created NOT RECOMMENDED - This is the date the record was entered into the system and not the date that it was created.
Document Content MOST RECOMMENDED - Searches the full text of the document for key words.  Expect slightly longer search times.  Best option for research.
Title (Free Text Part) NOT RECOMMENDED - This search is for an exact match search of the Title field for a record, not recommended unless you have the exact title. 
Title Word RECOMMENDED - Any word in the title for a record such as document type or number.  Example:  Resolution No. 100

The use of a wildcard * in searches will broaden your search.  For example, when Chicken will produce no results, Chicken* will produce records containing the word Chickens.