City Recorder


The City Recorder's Office serves as the clerk of the City Council, the City Elections Officer, the City Records Manager, oversees the operations of the Municipal Court and Business License program, and authorizes the issuance of liquor licenses.

As clerk of the City Council, the City Recorder will ensure:

  • Access to public meetings
  • Preservation of Council records (agendas, packets, minutes, resolutions, and ordinances)
  • Public access to Council records

As the Elections Officer, the City Recorder will coordinate city elections and perform election related activities, including:

  • Verifying and accepting filing materials for nomination petitions
  • Preparing and submitting proposed ballot titles to the County Elections Office
  • Providing State elections manuals and forms to the public
  • Preparing and publishing election notices
  • Certifying election results

As the City Records Manager, the City Recorder's Office shall oversee that all records in the City are maintained in accordance with the State's City General Records Retention Schedule and that the public is allowed access to any non-exempt records.  On our website you can find digital copies of recent Council Agendas and Minutes, Resolutions and Ordinances.   

If you would like to request copies of other non-exempt City records, please complete our online Public Records Request form.