Report a Code Issue

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Complete the form below to report a code issue. Please note that some issues can be directly reported to another agency:

Once the form is submitted, the Code Compliance Officer will begin an investigation into the issue. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the severity of the issue, and the type of issue it is, the City will work through the process to obtain compliance via notification, citation, or legal action.


If the code issue is on a property or in front of the property on a street or sidewalk, please enter an address if it is known. If there is no address, then please enter a street, intersection of streets, or other descriptive location.
Type of Code Issue
Please select one or more of the following code issues you wish to report.
Type of Code Issue
Please describe the issue as best you can. Include information such as when you first noticed it, if it is occurring during certain times (or days), or any other information that will be helpful for the code compliance officer to know in order to investigate the issue.
Once a complaint is submitted, it is considered part of the public record.
The Code Officer may request to visit your address to understand the issue from your vantage point.
Do you wish to be kept updated on the case?
Do you wish to be kept updated on the case?
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