Troutdale Development Code

Troutdale Development Code Cover

The Troutdale Development Code (TDC) is the primary regulatory document that governs zoning, land division, and other development standards in Troutdale.  An associated Zoning District Map accompanies the TDC.

Standards within the TDC are derived from policies set by the Comprehensive Land Use Plan ("Comp Plan"). In other words, the Comp Plan paints the big picture while the Code contains the details. 


About the Code

Who uses the Code?
Staff in the Planning Division use the code on a daily basis to help the public navigate development standards. Planning Commission and City Council also use the code to make decisions for certain land use applications.

When was the Code last updated?
The current version of the TDC was established in 2017 and was last amended on November 17, 2023.

Are there development standards outside of the TDC?
Yes. Outdoor lighting and tree protection/removal standards are found in the Troutdale Municipal Code, but follow land use approval procedures outlined in the TDC. They are included in the list of chapters below.