Depot Park

Depot Park

Located off East Columbia River Highway, this 2.25 acre park lies adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad and Beaver Creek. The Troutdale Rail Depot was originally constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad, and was rebuilt in 1907 after a fire. By 1976 the Depot was derelict and was threatened with demolition, so the City purchased the Depot from the Union Pacific Railroad for $1 and the structure has been restored. It was relocated onto this site from its original location on the railroad tracks 1-1/2 blocks west.

The building is the home of the Gateway to the Gorge Visitor Center and the Troutdale Historical Society’s Depot Rail Museum. The museum occupies the original ticket counter and office side of the building, while the visitor center is located in the original freight loading area of the building. 

The site also includes a parking area, picnic spot, viewpoint along Beaver Creek, and a caboose that was given to the Historical Society in 1999.

Depot Park
473 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR 97060

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