Street Sweeping

After several years of contracting street sweeping with Multnomah County, the City of Troutdale resumed full in-house responsibility for all street sweeping on city-owned and maintained streets. Every city owned street listed on the map is swept, County/State owned roads are swept according to their rotation.

There are five zones within the City and each is swept around 20 times per year. As sweeping takes more time in the fall, each of our zones will have more days on the schedule during the fall and winter months. The city’s commercial area that lies north of the Historic Columbia River Highway has now been separated into its own zone. This new zone will only be scheduled on Thursdays which, in October, became the new residential garbage day for all Troutdale residents.

Please refer to the map on the right (click to enlarge) to find which street sweeping zone you live. You can also find an interactive version of the map on our GIS site. The City's street sweeping schedule for 2024 is below.

In addition to keeping Troutdale beautiful, cleaning the dirt and debris from roadways helps to keep our storm drains running clear and prevents flooding along streets and sidewalks. Sweeping also helps keep metal particles and other hazardous material from washing into our rivers and streams.

You can help by trimming trees according to the 11-foot ordinance and regularly clearing debris such as leaves, branches and rocks from in front of your home or business. During autumn, remember that Troutdale does not have a leaf pick-up program, so please do not rake or blow leaves into the street. 

It is also helpful to move vehicles or other obstacles off of the streets to allow the sweeper to get next to the curb where the majority of the debris collects. At this time, that is not required unless the sweeping is prior to a pavement maintenance project. In that case, special notice will be given.


Zone 1 (Pink) 

Jan 22; Jan 23; Feb 20; Feb 21; Mar 18; Mar 19; Apr 17; Apr 22; May 20; May 21; Jun 19; Jul 8; Aug 21; Sep 23; Oct 15; Oct 16; Nov 6; Nov 12; Dec 16; Dec 17

Zone 2 (Green)

Jan 23; Jan 24; Feb 21; Feb 26; Mar 19; Mar 20; Apr 22; Apr 23; May 21; May 22; Jun 24; Jul 8; Jul 9; Aug 26; Sep 24; Oct 21; Oct 22; Nov 13; Nov 18; Dec 18; Dec 23

Zone 3 (Yellow)

Jan 29; Jan 30; Feb 26; Feb 27; Mar 20; Mar 25; Apr 25; Apr 29; May 22; May 28; Jun 25;  Jul 9; Jul 10; Aug 27; Sep 25; Oct 23; Nov 19; Nov 20; Dec 24; Dec 30

Zone 4 (Blue)

Jan 30; Jan 31; Feb 27; Feb 28; Mar 29; Mar 30; Apr 29; Apr 30; May 28; May 29; Jun 26; Jul 10; Aug 28; Sep 30; Oct 29; Oct 30; Nov 25; Nov 26; Dec 31

Zone 5 (Brown)

Jan 25; Feb 22; Mar 21; Apr 18; May 23; Jun 23; Jul 11; Aug 22; Sep 26; Oct 24; Nov 21; Dec 19

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